Borneo 744 a push for entrepreneurs in Sarawak

KUCHING: The long awaited completion of Borneo 744, Malaysia’s first Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs Township (BOET), will be a push for entrepreneurship within Sarawak.

During a preview tour of Borneo 744 at its Bintawa location yesterday, general manager Evelyn Jutem showcased the five blocks that will be available for aspiring or budding entrepreneurs to rent out for the operation of their businesses.

“Borneo 744 will feature five buildings with each block earmarked for specific activities based on the building’s size, facilities, access points and even acoustics,” she explained.

The two largest blocks, Block C and D which possess a space of 29,000 square feet each, are aimed towards entrepreneurs who are geared more towards manufacturing or need may need large spaces.

“Block D has been designated as the zone for anything that requires massive open spaces.

“The possibilities seem endless. So far, I’ve had enquiries about utilising the available space as a vertical garden or skate park from prospective tenants,” she said.

For Block C, the space is geared more towards businesses of a manufacturing nature and has already attracted a potential tenant – Tanoti House, a community of Sarawakian artists practicing the ancient art of songket weaving.

Jutem is hopeful that more tenants will follow suit as she believes that other tenants with similar businesses can recognise the benefit of being in such proximity of one another as they may be able to collaborate amongst themselves.

“As Borneo 744 will be largely community driven, we are aiming for a kind of synergistic environment where the community is reliant on one another,” she explained.

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